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Axiom Soft Neutron Envy Putter


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The Axiom Envy is an overstable putter that compliments the Proxy.  It is considered to be the best throwing putter on the market and used by a lot of players.  2021 World Champion James Conrad made his famous throw in with his Envy.  It can fly about as far as some midrange discs. The shape is similar to a lid and is recommended for all skill levels. 

Flight Numbers

Speed 3 Glide 3 Turn 0  Fade 2

Pro's that have the Envy in their bag

James Conrad

Matt Dollar

Raven Newsom

Sarah Hokom

About Soft Neutron

The Soft Neutron Envy is back! A fan favorite for a reason, the extra give and grip of Soft Neutron paired with the reliable flight of the Envy is a match made in heaven. The Soft Neutron Envy is used worldwide for both drives and approaches that absorb the ground’s impact and nestle right where you want them to. If you’re looking for a dependable throwing putter, whether you’re throwing forehand or backhand, look no further than the Soft Neutron Envy!

About Axiom

Axiom is a brand manufactured by MVP and utilizes gyro technology.  Their discs feature multiple color options and fly as great as they look.  Axiom has become the star of MVPs lineup.

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