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Discmania S-Line FD Fairway Driver


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The FD was Discmania's first fairway driver and been the best seller in their lineup.  It is known for its extremely straight flight path combined with high glide and controllability.  The FD is useful for everyone from new players to pros.  It is a point-and-shoot disc if thrown correctly, will connect you with your target with ease.


This is the FD, our most popular fairway driver - Reinvented. Famous for its extremely straight-to-understable flight path combined with high glide and controllability, the FD has a place in everyone’s bag. Beginners will fall in love with the FD’s straight flight path and dependability off the tee, whereas more experienced players will enjoy FD’s on hyzer flips and long anhyzers. Don’t let the speed rating fool you, the FD glides surprisingly far!

Flight Numbers

Speed 7 Glide 6 Turn 0 Fade 1

About the New S-Line plastic

5 Star blend premium plastic that provides exceptional feel.  Soft in the hands but provides superior grip.  The S-Line is not as durable as the C-Line but is still very durable.  The plastic features a high-quality finish to it.

⭐ Feel
When you grab a new S-Line disc the first time, you feel it. You feel the quality and consistency. You feel the superior grip. You feel the confidence to make your next shot.

⭐ Grip
The new S-Line is our highest-quality blend and It offers a soft and silky grip and resiliency. This is the result of our special manufacturing process. This grip helps you to control your disc better; a grip that you won't lose in wet or cold conditions.

⭐ Glide
New S-Line offers straighter and less over stable flight compared to our new C-line. This is perfect for players who want to get longer glide out of their shot.

⭐ Durability
The new S-Line is a blend that offers outstanding durability which will allow you to enjoy your favorite disc longer. S-Line durability rivals any other premium disc durability on the market.

⭐ Finish
One thing we are very proud on this new S-Line is the overall quality and finish of the discs. With our special automated trimming process, we are able to create a consistent and high-quality finish on all our Premium level discs.

Pro's who bag the FD

Casey White

Eagle McMahon

Ella Hansen

Kyle Klein 

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